We have been training since 2010. We have a course offer to learners that is proven to work. Our training is fun and interactive. We will teach you the skills you need to succeed.

Our offer to customers returning to work is tailored to get you into work. Security Qualifications for a Security Industry that is expanding and full of opportunity. Employability to help you complete those applications and get shortlisted and Interview Skills so you get the job. Retail Customer Service that opens up Security Guard jobs within the Retail sector and we will improve your Maths and English skills.
We are going to give you the skills that you need to get a job. Qualifications that give you the best chance in the job market.
The importance of good communication both verbal and non verbal. How vital good body language is when you are working with customers.
We are going to tell you how employers score application forms and score you at interviews. We are going to tell you what you need to know to gain Security Qualifications.
Respecting colleagues, working well in a team, being aware of equality and diversity, addressing people the right way, talking to people the way you would like to be spoken to.
Keeping yourself safe, keeping others safe, knowing where the boundaries are, protecting vulnerable customers.