There are 5 steps to you starting a new career in the Security Industry. In 8 weeks you will have an SIA Licence.

  • Step 1. Sign up with the Job Centre Plus or contact us directly.

  • Step 2. Come along and do an induction then start the course covering, SIA Door Supervisor, CCTV, Retail Customer Service, Employability and Maths and English.

  • Step 3. Do your SIA multiple choice examinations

  • Step 4. We get the results. Come and do your SIA Licence and do any resits.

  • Step 5. Get your licence! Get a job!

Providing you complete your Retail, Employability and Maths and English we will pay for your SIA Licence.

We eliminate all of the barriers to you getting a job.

All you need to do is demonstrate you can communicate well in English and do the course.

Training Provider of the Year for 2018 & 2019

NOCN accredited

Award National

More than 20 years of industry experience